Eyeless people walking around I,
Motioning for me to become like them.
Oh! How I don’t want to go with them.
Though I must, it’s the only thing I’ve been taught.
Is this the life I must live?
Outside of a body I once owned all to my loneself,
Now I share it with the world.
Look! I’m finally their pawn.
Evil expressions scratched onto their faces.
Sewed in hearts they have, but those hearts will never beat again.
Sinister am I but I am now, eyeless.



I told you my dangerous demons,

that are now my precious angels.

Even with knowing this you never treated me like I was mad, so unlike others who could never understand.
Those who can’t understand why I gave my soul to these angels,
Why I dropped to my knees and had become a doll for them to push needles in.

Even when I cried my senseless, shameful, tears,

you told me not to fear this world.
Things will get better that’s what you said,

but I knew it wasn’t true,

I was a slave to the demons, not a fool to what they can do.
Even though those words held no meaning to this world, I still held them close to my heart.

To think the best of this world would be a fool’s mistake, though some days I wished I was dull.
I wanted these words to be true,

I wanted to be a person who could think the best of the world.
I guess till then, I will have to settle to hear someone else think that the world wasn’t mush.

You taught me to be strong,

even when I thought I wasn’t.
You never gave up on me, even when I did.
You told me the world may look black and white,

but there is a grey,
you just need to find it.

Respecting my decisions when no one else would, not making me a perfect even when everyone else did.
When my flaws would shine through my mask, you would still take my hand and guide me, never treating me like trash.
I have spent countless hours and tears with you,

and I will spend countless more.

You’ll shelter me, protect me from bad, even when I’m wrong.
You’re the only one who will teach me, rather than shame me.

I know I can’t hold on your hand forever, so when I have to let it go,
I want you to know one last thing.

I’ve found my grey long ago and it’s you.


Play For Fools

Come one, come all, to the Play, For Fools,
Where’ll we make you lose your mind,
Bring all the people who love to dual,
Don’t worry it’s the right time,

The clock that spins and never stops
The musician that plays and never talks
The picture made from black and grey blots
The children who run in traffic and never walk,

The ring leader outside that loves to shout
The audience that wears their mask
The public who aren’t allowed to pout,
Because hiding their true self is their only task,

Come to the play for Play For Fools, wearing lovely skin,
Trust me, you’ll live.


Up at night with the monsters outside,
They tap on the glass in the shape of a vine.
Laughing in the halls of your abandoned home,
Playing in the garden when they’re not supposed too

Their voices bouncing off every wall.
Now you hope to see the gold newly day, and for all the dark monster to go away,

But that’s still five hours away so get along.

The floor creaks and the house yawns tonight,
Open the doors freely for all to roam.
Pointing at your room is loneliness and fear.
Little sally was at rest being protected

By a goddess called Nightmare and Dream.
Littler Billy was shook out of his sleep,
The monster in his closet gave him a scare.
But Little Jimmy wasn’t stupid like the rest,

He took out a flashlight and pointed at their chest.
Then the morning came and they all realized something,
That the darkness could never touch them or hurt them,
Because when they always awoke the next morning,
Their goddesses Light was always smiling at them.